Despite that a gas price hike is being considered, the Autoridad Reguladora de Servicios Públicos (Aresep) approved Monday a decrease of ¢6 colones on each litre of fuel that will take effect in the coming days.
The decrease will see the price of a litre of super gasoline drop from the current ¢735 to ¢729, regular from ¢693 to ¢688 and diesel from ¢656 to ¢650.

Kerosine, natural gas and aviation fuel prices will also drop once the approval is published in the official government newsletter, La Gaceta.

María Angélica Carvajal, spokesperson for the Aresep, said the drop was approved despite a request by gasoline station operators to increase their profit margin on the sale of fuels by 37%.

Fuel prices and the margins earned by gasoline retailers are controlled by the Aresep and in effect at all gasoline stations across the country.

The reduction won’t last long, however, as the Aresep is processing a request for an increase of ¢29 colones per litre on all fuels.

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