According to the Autoridad Reguladora de los Servicios Públicos (ARESEP) we can expect to pay more for gasoline and public transport, by mid September, due to an automatic adjustment in the prices of public services.

combustibleCarolina Mora, ARESEP spokesperson, said that the cost of gasoline will increase by ¢17 colones for a litre of super, ¢21 for regular or plus and ¢10 for diesel fuel.

The increase will push prices up from the current ¢738 to ¢755 for super, from ¢708 to ¢739 for regular or plus and from ¢623 to ¢633 for diessel.

With respect to public transportation, the fare adjustment for taxis will see an additional ¢10 colones to the base rate and ¢10 for each additional kilometre.

Bus fares will increase 1.19%, however, that increase will not take effect until October, after a public hearing on the 10th of that month.

Mora explained that the increases on the recent increases are not affected by the recent increase in the international price for a barrel of crude oil, rather based on a methodology that is activated automatically, impacting local prices.

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