Many are turning to vehicles that use less fuel and get around the traffic congestion nightmare

(QCostarica) Following the recent “hit” (increase) in gasoline prices, next week we can see some relief. Not much. But every colon counts. Literally.

The Autoridad Reguladora de los Servicios Públicos (Aresep) on Friday approved a reduction of ¢1 colon more than requested by the state refinery (that does not refine anything), the RECOPE, asking for a drop of ¢12 for gasoline and ¢3 for diesel fuel.

The approved drop is ¢13 colones for a litre of super or regular gasoline and ¢9 for diesel fuel.

Thus, following the publication in the official government newsletter (that must be within five working days of approval), the price at pumps for a litre of super gasoline will be ¢589, down from the current ¢602; ¢562 for regular, down from ¢575, while diesel will be ¢447 a litre, down from ¢451.

This reduction eases the sting of the ¢84 and ¢77 hike at the beginning of the month for super and regular, respectively.

This pitiful decrease follows four consecutive increases that saw a litre of gasoline rise more than ¢150 and diesel fuel ¢106, following a “historic” decrease in  .

According to the RECOPE, the lower price is justified by the (international) oversupply of oil and its derivatives, a situation that puts pressure on the global market.

Say what they may, everyone knows that we in Costa Rica are being (edited for the Google Gods) by RECOPE and the current administration.

Gasoline prices in Costa Rica are regulated, the RECOPE being the sole importer and distributor of fuel products to independent gasoline retailers. The price at the pumps is the same at all gasoline stations across the country.

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