If you were looking forward to saving a few colones on the price of gasoline, hold on. The  Autoridad Reguladora de los Servicios Públicos (Aresep) announced Wednesday the postponed of the gas price drop that was expected to take effect on Saturday, due to threats of a strike by gasoline station owners

The reduction would have seen the price of gasoline drop ¢6 colones per litre on super gasoline and diesel fuel and ¢5 for regular gasoline.

Gasoline station owners are upset with the ARESEP for not approving their request for an increase to improve their margins on sales, in fact the regulatory body not no did not approve the hike, but rather a drop.

Gasoline station owners had threatened a nationwide strike, closing down gasoline stations and laying off workers, at the same time of the start one of the busiest travel season in Costa Rica, Semana Santa.

The president of the Cámara de Empresarios de Combustible, Antonio Galva, they would fight “to the last drop” after an appeal to the Intendencia de Energía was rejected.

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