Again we have tighten the belt and deal with another increase in gasoline prices, which will be ¢8 colones per litre for super, ¢4 for regular and ¢12 for diesel.

Once the increase takes effect, the price at the pumps will jump to ¢786 for a litre of super, ¢760 for regulr and ¢689 for diesel.

Compressed Natural Gas or GLP as it is known in Costa Rica, will increase ¢2 colones, from the current ¢347 to ¢349.

As reported by the Autoridad Reguladora de los Servicios Públicos (Aresep), the increase is due to the exchange rate and changes in the intermational market for the price of oil.

The new prices will be in effect within five days of publication in the La Gaceta Digital, the government’s official publication. The price at the pumps is expected to change before the end of next week.

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