QCOSTARICA – A young woman using an online service looking for work ended up getting sexual offers from an alleged employer.

The woman, 22 year-old, Fernanda Badilla, a student of journalism, let her situation be known to all in a post on Facebook

According to her post, her alleged employer assured her of helping her the job she applied for, if she was willing to meet with him at well known motel.

Fernanda says she had registered with www.computrabajo.com (in Costa Rica www.computrabajo.co.cr) four years ago. But only last week re-activated her account, when she was looking for work.

On Friday she was contacted, by way of Whatsapp, by a man who identified himself as Sebastián Altamirano ask her is she was still needed work, offering two positions: an executive secretary and an office worker.

Part of the conversation on Whatsapp
Part of the conversation on Whatsapp

In an interview with La Nacion, Fernanda said, “I realized that this was not right, but I played the game to see how far he would go and so I could alert more women to avoid falling into this filthy game.”

In the Whatsapp messages, which Fernanda posted on her Facebook page, the man represented Rppt S.A., serving an intermediary for another company, called Grupo Radial S.A.

In the first minutes of the conversation, the man spoke about the positions he was looking to fill, an executive secretary and an office worker, with a salary of ¢787.600 and ¢510.500, respectively.

However, two hours later, the conversation took a darker tone, Altamirano proposed to help get the job, if she agreed to meet at a motel in San Francisco de Dos Rios, San Jose (an area known as ‘motel row’). In addition, he promised to give her ¢85.000 colones, in cash, as an “advance on salary”.

“I can offer you two positions: you decide which you want. There are 58 applicants for the secretary post, eight of who fit the profile. You are among the eight. To each I will give an opportunity. I Like to personally evaluate their performance, including the possibility of reaching an agreement in private (to better the evaluation), which can make a difference,” wrote Altamirano

The man also asked Fernanda to send a recent picture, a ‘selfie’, “to verify that the photos you sent are not too old, nothing revealing, in front of a mirror.”

This is where Fernanda refused to send the photos and told him she would not agree to his proposal.

“After that conversation, I searched the internet for the companies and they do not appear. They are ghosts. I think it must be some kind of trafficking (of persons) network or like that, I got really scared, but I will still file a complaint,” said Fernanda.

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