costa-rica-jaco-toll-roadQCOSTARICA – Chains, cones and barriers have not deterred motorcyclists from circumventing the tolls in particular the less staffed Cuidad Colon stations, in Santa Ana, of the Ruta 27.

For such, the road concessionaire, Globalvia, has turned to the Policia de Transito (traffic police) to help with enforcement. However, that many not to be to quick in coming given that the traffic police unit is understaffed as it is.

The problem is that motorcyclists evade the tolls through the narrow pedestrian lanes next to the “emergency” and “quickpass” lanes. According to Globaliva, some motorcyclists even pass around the drop down barrier of the unmanned quickpass lanes.

The fine for all drivers in all types of vehicles for evading (not paying) a toll is ¢21,900 colones. But to apply the fine the act has to be witnesses by a “transito” (traffic official).


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