Although expats cannot vote, it is important for us to follow, if at all possible, Costa Rican politics. Admittedly It is easier to follow a Brazilian soap opera where even grandma always comes on screen showing deep cleavage and no scar even after her third heart transplant.

While Costa Rica certainly has its share of cleavage, the scars of politics are very evident and we can use a few more heart transplants here at home.

The most recent soap story is Social Christian Unity Party (PUSC) candidate Dr. Rodolfo Hernández who jumped into the presidential fray but wrote a seething letter claiming politics was little more than back stabbing and dropped out of the.

But, faster that a speeding burrito he’s back.


He’s “all in” as they around the pokers tables as a candidate because, according to the news outlet,  “I have gotten to know a Costa Rica that has felt more pain than I have in these last days, I’ve known the indifference and anxiety that exists in Costa Rica where some have thrown Costa Rica away and left the poor without money,”

The poor will be saved with some yet to be announced plan and source of funds nor has there been any mention of how Dr. Hernández is going to get the money to the poor. And keep in mind his political party PUSC gave us Calderon and Rodriguez who both seemed to take from the poor and give to the rich on a pretty regular basis. According to a well known blogger, Richard Salazar Mora, PUSC owes the Social Security Health Care (CAJA) the very one Dr. Hernandez works for, 85.6 million colons in delinquent, mandatory contributions. Money which very much goes to help the poor with their medical needs.

In addition, we already had one physician as president, Dr. Abel Pacheco, who went down in history as the “do nothing magistrate.” He was the least popular president only to be bailed out by the current Presidenta Laura Chinchilla.

At last count there were fifteen presidential candidates with Johnny Araya out front.

If, by chance Dr. Hernández should capture enough votes to become the next president, he will be walking in the fire pit and you have to question if he has the stomach for it.

Corruption abounds, the infrastructure is falling apart, every institution has only one object; make money no matter how, violent crime has hit every area of the country and the worst of all is that Costa Rica is dead broke and technically bankrupt.

A tedious job indeed, but expats need to follow and learn Esencial Costa Rica politics in order to make some educated guess about living, buying and investing in this country.

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