Over the past while I’ve received a number of complaints on the connection to Qcostarica, the site is not accessible, non-existent even. Server not found!

Subscribers of Tigo (formerly Amnet) and ICE internet have found this happening for some time. Sites like Google, Amazon, Yahoo, etc. all unavailable at some point in time during the course of the day.

I am not talking about a slow connection, the browser searching, no an actual “server cannot be found”.

The problem is not in the website, rather the ISP (internet service provider), you know the folks you hand over each month money for a connection that is less than optimal?

For example, in searching I get a failed response, but if search on, for instance, I get a full connection. How is that possible?

If anyone can shed some light on why this is happening and more important, a permanent solution, please add your comments below. I and many out there will appreciate it.

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