President Carlos Alvarado on Tuesday requested the Attorney General to file an appeal on the appeals court decision, declaring the Recope worker’s strike legal.

The appeals court decision overturned an earlier court decision. As pointed out by the Q legal expert, Rick Philps, the decision ” was more of a finding of judicial error by the judge hearing the case in the first instance, rather than a finding of the legality of the strike by the RECOPE workers.”

The government’s decision to appeal is “In order to exhaust all available legal mechanisms to ensure the safeguarding of public property before the damage and damage caused by the strike,” in the words of President Carlos.

Additionally,  in reference, to the appeal court saying that Recope is not an essential service, the President said, “The activity of transportation and commercialization of fuel by RECOPE presented serious effects as a result of the national strike, which represented big losses to our country, as well as a serious impact on our economy. The storage, transportation and distribution of fuels constitute an essential public service”.

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