Costa Rica to Peru as the legislature requires. Considering this president has been out of the country about 11% of the time, and this was her private weekend, what is the big deal?

According to all documents collected to date, this person Morales who sometimes prefers to be Irish and called O’Fallon does NOT own the plane and has NO legal interest in the petro exploration company THX but does seem to have a lot of influence.

Somehow the soccer player, Fonseca has made a lot of life style improvements, is the contact with THX and never has he come under investigation for money laundering or narco-trafficking until now.

What makes this case so special? Who knows except to make the Presidenta look more ridiculous than before?

My suggestion is kill the story until there is tangible, hard evidence of wrong doing.

Also, the country should take its borrowing capacity to either lease or purchase its own private airplane, be it a sleek luxury jet or refurbished 737.

Why not? Government people need to travel, 1st class costs a fortune and one of the perks as a ministers or VIP is the ability to work until noon and jump on a plane at 12:30PM.

We would avoid the constant struggle and controversy to arrange “free” or “gifted” passage from unknown or questionable sources.  And, the government may rent out the plane to other entities, maybe even governments when not in use. The pilots and crew are on flight contract while the largest cost would be perfect maintenance.

Growing up is hard to do. As a teenager we specialize in being a total pain in the butt to our parents. This government is like a thirteen year old who offers little if any solutions to life’s needs.

The “Plane of Shame” is over, heads have rolled yet there is no true solution to the government pleading for more favors from those who are willing to contribute. We need to do whatever is possible to control our destiny and having a private airplane at the disposal of the president seems logical.

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