Marís Antonieta Chaverri quits Grupo Nacion after 18 years with the company. She will leave her post in the coming four months, with no exact date given.

​COSTA RICA BUSINESS NEWS – María Antonieta Chaverri is throwing in the towel, quitting her job CEO of the Grupo Nación, the company she has worked for the last 18 years.

Elvira Saborío, head of Corporate Stragegy and Human Resources, said the Chaverri resignation is not related to the current cutbacks and lay offs at the country’s media giant, rather it is for personal reasons.

Saborí0 explained that after 18 years of service to the company, Chaverri will be leaving the company in the first quarter of the 2015, without specifying an exact date.

Giannina Segnini

On November 13, the Grupo Nacion announced shutting down the publications of several magazines and newspapers, including “Su Casa” and “Al Dia” and dismissal of 100 employees.

Earlier this year, on Feburary 5, Giannina Segnini, an awarded investigative reporter and head of the Unidad de Investigación (investigative unit) of La Nación, the country’s premier daily newspaper, quit after 20 years with the company.

Photos: La Nacion

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