COSTA RICA NEWS — Guanacastecans are not only hit by a high poverty rate, they also have the highest prices in the country.

2340522_0According to the latest report by the  Ministerio de Economia, Industria y Comercio (MEIC)  – Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry – Guanacaste households must spend on up to 10% more on “basic basket” (canasta basica in Spanish) items.

The MEIC report of prices at 33 chain and 8 independent supermarkets, between October 20 and 31, indicates the average family must spend ¢110.277 monthly for basic items.

The study found that the basic basket costs ¢113.825 colones in Guanacaste, while exactly the same items costs ¢105.746 colones in Puntarenas.

The basic basket is composed of 53 consumer products, that includes meats, rice, cereals, grooming and hygiene, among other items, designed to allow low-income households to meet their basic needs.

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