Guatemala: Compulsory Registration of Cattle


CENTRAL AMERICA NEWS — An announcement has been made that all animals born after 2015 must be registered so that, by 2020, the herd can be incorporated into the regional traceability system.

Cattle traceability was approved in March 2013 by the Central American countries and the Dominican Republic and aims to make known the “history” of all cattle, from birth to arrival at the slaughterhouse.

The Deputy Minister of Livestock, José Sebastián Marcucci told that “… The official price of the device will be $2.75 per cow, it includes registration and management, a TB test and access to the system to verify cattle, where ministries will be online to inform themselves about the trade of animals. ”

A representative from the Federation of Livestock Farmers of Guatemala, José María Vera, added “… International demand will allow the product to be exported to new markets as traceability will be known, where cattle is born, what area it lived in and where it was slaughtered. This will prevent penalties being given to the country, instead the owner will receive them, if any diseases are reported. ”