CENTRAL AMERICA NEWS – In response to approval of a new tax of us$0.65 per telephone line, operating companies have returned 6 million lines to the Telecommunications Superintendency.

Representatives from Claro, Tigo and Telefónica each returned 2 million inactive numbers with the aim of adjusting their internal policies to adapt to the new tax which will come into effect next year.

The chief of the Tax Collection Authority, Omar Franco, assured Elperiodico.com.gt that “… Companies will have to make the necessary adjustments in order to estimate how much income will be as a result of the new tax. We did not know that this tax would end up being approved in the 2015 Budget. Congress considered and approved a levy based on the 23 million lines assigned, now that this figure has been reduced it will have to be re-estimated. ”

“… The data that the Telecommunications Authority has on its website mentions that there are now 21.4 million mobile lines and 1.8 million fixed lines, bringing the total to 23.2 million lines in the country. If we subtract these 6 million devolutions given over today, the count drops to 17.2 million. ”

Source: elperiodico.com.gt

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