Following the Brazilian construction company’s abandonment of the road work contract that had been awarded, the government intends to make a claim on the advance payment and performance bails which amounts to US$122 million dollars.

The contract consisting of the extension of 140 kilometers of the CA-2 West highway was awarded to the construction company Odebrecht in 2012, however, the company abandoned the work after performing work on only 43 kilometers.

Since then, the Guatemalan authorities have tried, without success, to liquidate the contract. In respect to this, reports that ” …On December 6, 2017 the administrative term that the Project Receiving and Liquidating Commission of the General Directorate of Roads had set for the settlement of the contract expired, however, by means of a “repair of works” act they extended the timeframe until the January 19, and Odebrecht did still did not provide the pending documents. ”

The article adds that ” … the Commission is working on an amendment so that the receipt of the bonds, the only thing that is lacking for the liquidation, is active and without a set deadline.”

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