Guatemalan Authorities warned that the Fuego volcano registered about 14 explosions per hour, so they foresee that in the next hours or days it will erupt.

Fuego Volcano starts a new eruption process in Guatemala

Authorities generated an alert Friday, that the Fuego Volcano might start to erupt at any time.

The National Institute of Seismology, Volcanology, Meteorology and Hydrology (Insivumeh) announced that the Fuego Volcano registered around 14 explosions and a high column of volcanic ashes was present. In view of these activities, the authorities foresee that during the next hours or days a new eruptive phase will be registered.

The Institute of Volcanology recommended to the authorities of Civil Aeronautics to take precautions for the ash that is dispersed in the flanks “west and southwest of the volcanic complex”.

In June, the Fuego volcano caused the death of about 190 people and another 240 were missing due to the eruption of the volcano. The 3,763-meter (12,346-feet) peak, whose name means ‘fire’ in Spanish, is almost always active, which is why local residents and authorities failed to take immediate action.

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