Alfredo-Guzman-con-ubicacion2QCOSTARICA – “He is probably in another Costa Rica: The town of Costa Rica, which is Guzman’s home state. It’s over there in Sinaloa. We have no information that this boy, the son of El Chapo, is in the country,” Costa Rica’s interim director of the Organismo de Investigacion Judicial (OIJ), Gerald Campos says.

The comment follows up an August 31 tweet in an account supposedly belonging to Alfredo, fugitive Mexican druglord Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman’s son, featuring a photo appearing to show the pair at a restaurant, with Twitter’s geolocator placing them in “Costa Rica”.

The picture on the account @AlfreditoGuzma was accompanied by this taunt: “You know who I am seen with.”

This set off speculation that El Chapo, who escaped a Mexican maximum security prison on July 11, was in Costa Rica, where the Sinaola cartel is alleged to have business interests.

Mexico’s attorney general’s office will only say it is investigating the authenticity of the twee.

In Costa Rica, authorities doubt that the 58 year-old leader of the Sinaola cartel is in the country.

Following the jailbreak in July, two United States DEA officials told AFP Guzman probably scurried to his Sinaloa mountain stronghold, where he enjoys the protection of the local population.

But Guzman is no stranger to Central America, in 1993, captured for the first time in Guatemala.

Seven officials, including two prison workers and two intelligence service employees, have been charged over the escape while a US$3.8 million  reward is being offered for his arrest.

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