Q COSTA RICA NEWS – Falling trees and tree  branches are the result of the strong winds gripping most of the Central Valley and Central and South Pacific coasts since Monday, causing damages to vehicles, roofs and overheard wiring. Best is to keep your eyes up just in case.

Fallen tree branches and trees on power lines due to strong winds

Gusts of up to 80 km/h (50 mph) have been reported in many areas of Central Valley, Guácimo de Limón and Tilaran in Guanacaste. In Guapiles (Limon) a tree fell on a minibus, fortunately no injuries were reported. In San Luis de Tilaran, 100 km/h winds left some 20 families without electrical power, telephone and internet due to fallen trees on power lines and telephone lines.

The national weather service, the IMN, reports a high-pressure system in the Gulf of Mexico is increasing the trade winds over Costa Rica.

But, there is good news. The strong winds are typical of the change of season. Albeit about a month late, the windy conditions will reduce the chance of rain and usher in the dry or summer season.

However, given the recent climatic changes, the IMN warn residents of areas prone to flooding and landslides to remain on the alert as scattered showers and rains may continue for this week and possibly next, mainly in the afternoons and evenings.

Out on the sea, the wind gusts could mean choppy seas. In the air the winds could cause strong turbulence.

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