Dr. Maria López
Dr. Maria López (second from the right) during a press conference Thursday announcing the “shutting down” of the Puntarenas Festival. Photo La Nacion

COSTA RICA NEWS – The ministra de Salud (Health minister), María Elena López Núñez, is the second to leave the Luis Guillermo Solís cabinet, 11 days after the ministro de Seguridad Publica (minister of Security), Celso Gamboa.

López cited “personal and family reasons” for her resignation.

The minister, in a telephone interview with La Nacion, said the 17 hour days got to her.

López said the job didn’t give her time time spend with family or take a weekend off. “I am not 15 anymore,” said the 68 year old López.

The minister admitted that she, as did President Solís, know that she would not be at the post for the four years, ruling out any pressure from Casa Presidencial for her to step down.

President Solís said he was saddened by the resignation.

“I have accepted with regret the decision by Dr. López. She is an honoured professional with extraordinary character and has the ministry in the path of excellence and it has been an honour to have been part of my cabinet (…),” said Solís.

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