Did it rain or what? The Sunday afternoon torrential storm surprised many, despite the alert for the arrival of the rainy season. Heavy rains and flash flooding was reported throughout the country.

For the most part, in the Greater Metropolitan Area of San Jose (GAM), the heavy rain, accompanied by thunder and lightning didn’t last long, maybe 15 to 20 minutes at most.

In Puntarenas, on the Pacific Coast, as in the GAM, the rain was reported very intense but did not last long. In Limon, on the Caribbean coast, although not as intense, the rain lasted on and off most of the day.

According to the experts of the Instituto Meteorológico Nacional (IMN) – the national weather service – these rains are the product of the transition to the rainy season, that officially on Tuesday, May 15.

The IMN tells us to expect hot and ‘bochorno’ (muggy) mornings and heavy rains in the afternoon, that is normal climate behavior of the rainy season.

Forcast for May

So, get out the galoshes and don’t forget to have an umbrella with you when you are out. At home, a good time, if you have not done so yet, clean the gutters, repair the holes in the roof and have buckets and rain gear on hand.

Sources: Teletica.com, Crhoy.com, Faceboook

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