.The face of President Carlos Alvarado, Bryan Ruiz, and first lady Claudia Dobles, says it all.

On Monday, during a visit by the Costa Rican national team to Casa Presidencial, the jersey of the National Team given to the first lady was blank.

While the jersey given to the president had “Alvarado”, the first lady’s had nothing. It was blank. No name. No number. Blank.

The faux pas by the Federación Costarricense de Fútbol (Costa Rican soccer federation), was quickly noted on the social media, criticizing the Fedefutbol for such clumsiness and “invisibilizing her identity”, in particular in sports where many women have left and continue to leave their mark.

The Fedefutbol has not commented.

Taking advantage of the bad judgment by the Fedefutbol, Saba, the brand of feminine napkins, did what the Fedefutbol never did, was present the first lady a jersey with the name on it. This was announced by the brand, who in their Facebook page published a photo of the jersey with “C. Dobles”.

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