Ever thought of helping out street dogs? Taking a cue from a Heredia resident, the San Pablo de Heredia the municipal are taking action to feed the street dogs of their community.

Using PVC piping, the officials of this Heredia community are creating refillable feeders.

“These are feeders for street dogs; They were prepared by our municipal police officials during their lunchtime for a few days, with a joint initiative from a neighbor of La Puebla, Evelyn Ugalde,” says the police department on Facebook.

The objective to awaken the conscience of residents to organize themselves and help to refill the feeders.

Photos from Evelyn Ugalde Facebook page, the young lady that came up with the initiative.

Both Evelyn and the San Pablo de Heredia police are looking forward to other communities adopting the idea.

Maybe this could be that new project you have been looking for?


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