TODAY NICARAGUA NEWS – The management of the government of Nicaragua is now approved by 59.9 percent of the people, a local survey revealed. According to data released by M & R Consultores, 73.4 of respondents felt that the government of Daniel Ortega unites the country while 73.3 were pleased with the president.

Only 15 percent of respondents disapproved the management of the current administration.

In addition, 70.1 percent felt that Nicaragua is on the right track and just over 17 percent said the country is running in the wrong direction.

When asked about the institutions of the nation, 62.9 percent of those polled expressed their approval, 31 percent disapproved them and another 6.1 made no comments about it.

The survey was conducted among citizens of both sexes and over 16 years living in urban and rural areas across the country, M & R said.

These results agree with those published in late May by Cid-Gallup polling.

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