The ad appeared in the print media this morning.
The ad appeared in the print media this morning.

In his first campaign in the media, presidential candidate for the National Liberation Party (PLN), Johnny Araya, is asking Costa Ricans to hire him.

With the slogan, “I want to work for you, hire me” (Quiero trabajar para usted, contráteme) Araya hopes to capture the votes of Costa Ricans.

“As president I will concentrate on building. You know me and know what I can do. With your vote you will hire me to take of the urgent works needed for nation-building”, says the Araya full page ad in all the print media this morning.

PLN campaign manager, Rolando González, said the advertising campaign is in the hands of the Tribu agency and the concept is to introduce a candidate who is a builder and ready to work for Costa Rica.

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