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Q COSTA RICA – A bloody weekend. Eight people died this weekend involved in traffic accidents, three of which were cyclists struck down early Sunday morning by a speeding driver who fled the scene.

The three victims were struck down like bowling pins in Curridabat by a driver who hours later gave himself up to police after an anonymous. A fourth rider and fifth rider (riding with the tree victims) survived, Lucía del Carmen Mata Durán, 38, is currently in the intensive care unit of the Hospital Calderón Guardia, the other escaping injury when seconds before stopped to take a drink

Photo from La Nacion

The five cyclists were, as they did most Sunday mornings in their love of the sport, on their way to the Irazu volcano.

Witnesses say the vehicle, later recovered to be a late-model Mustang, was travelling at a high-speed. The hit and run occurred at 4:11am on the old road to Cartago, near the Walmart store.

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A OIJ investigator estimates the speed at more than 100 km/h based on the evidence at the scene.

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Ten hours after the hit and run, a tip to police led them to a home in San Juan de La Unión, Cartago where they found the vehicle, registered to a 32-year-old man identified by his last name Mora Monge.

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Police say the driver gave himself up voluntarily and without incident.

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The house was only 500 metres from the Walmart store.

So far this year, there have been 48 deaths record on the roads of the country, an average of almost 2 per day.

Sources:; La Nacion

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