Homemade bomb “bombeta” was found on the ‘platina’ bridge.

Q COSTA RICA – An act of terrorism? That is what Dirección de Inteligencia y Seguridad (DIS) investigators are looking into the finding last Friday of two homemade packages of gunpowder in the construction zone of the Alfredo González Flores bridge, more commonly known as the ‘platina’.

According to Omar Segura, spokesperson for the Ministry of Public Works and Transport (MOPT), one of the packages was found at the base of the bridge, another in one of the trusses.

Although the official maintains that the packages “had no destructive power”, it could have injured some of the workers on the reconstruction of the structure.

Alfredo González Flores bridge, more commonly known as the ‘platina’ is currently undergoing a reconstruction.

“The incident is being investigated with all the rigor of the case, and we will not allow irresponsibles to raise fear in the population,” said DIS director Mariano Figueres.

The DIS downplayed the comments by the Minister of Transport, Carlos Villalta, on the morning radio program ‘Nuestra Voz‘ that the finding was sticks of dynamite.

“It is important to make the technical distinction between what we call ‘bombeta’ and dynamite. The second is a nitrocellulose of high explosive power, which also requires a detonating capsule to be activated. The term “bombeta”, which is what we have found, refers to black powder wrapped in paper with rubber, having a more auditory than expansive effect,” explained Figueres.

As to why the news was not released days earlier, Segura said the MOPT and police authorities did not want to clear alarm among the population, and assure that the situation is under control and the additional security, including DIS agents and officials of the Fuerza Publica (police) have been posted at the bridge to prevent outsides access to the construction zone.

The DIS is the country’s cover investigative agency, akin to the CIA in the United States, receiving its powers directly from the Presidency.

This story is in development. We will post updates as they are available.


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