Authorities in Honduras have suspended constitutional guarantees and imposed a lengthy curfew after delays in the counting of presidential election votes cast November 26, triggered unrest, according to La Prensa in Honduras.

The streets of Tegucigalpa empty on Friday night. Photo La Prensa Honduras

Ebal Diaz, the secretary of the nation’s council of ministers, said the curfew (toque de queda in Spanish) that went into effect at 11 pm Friday, will be for ten days from 6 pm to 6 am.

The announcement of the final results from last Sunday’s poll has been delayed amid opposition allegations of fraud and calls for vote recount.

The latest count of almost 95 percent of votes put incumbent President Juan Orlando Hernandez ahead of his challenger Salvador Nasralla by 1.5 points. A simple majority is needed to win the presidential race.

Desolate streets in Honduras capital. Photo La Prensa

Delays and fraud accusations have led to protests across the country, with one man shot dead in La Ceiba. Ten protesters were injured in the national capital of Tegucigalpa, while 12 police officers were hurt throughout Honduras.

The Honduran military called for calm on Friday evening after demonstrations escalated into violence and looting.

At least a hundred trouble-makers were detained for clashing with police and blocking highways.

Even children who were with their parents suffered from the tear gas. Photo La Prensa

In these moments of uncertainty, La Prensa in Honduras offers Honduras tips to take into account during this time of anxiety.

  • Don’t believe you own the truth and attack others believing that their candidate has already won
  • Do not argue with family and friends for defending their political beliefs. People close to you can sometimes surprise you.
  • Don’t be sensitive to the different opinions, don’t be on the defensive and don’t spread you hater or resentment to those close to you. Respect their opinion.
  • Keep the peace and common sense. During these difficult times, you should be very prudent with your words, you never know who is listening to you and don’t know their mental state.
  • Refrain from making up messages on the social media without the facts.

The publication stresses, people should concentrate on their work, study, stay calm, not be overwhelmed with information, mediate to reduce stress and anxiety, and smile, for you, are alive.


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