The Government of Honduras will invest 4.760 Billion lempiras (about US$200 million) in the reconstruction of the road that leads from Tegucigalpa to the eastern city of Danlí and Las Manos, border point with Nicaragua, reported the Prensa Libre.

The Government of Honduras will invest US$200 million on the road to Nicaragua. Photo Prensa Libre

The financing of the 130 kilometer route will be financed by external funds, said the head of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Public Services (INSEP), Roberto Pineda, according to a statement from the Presidency of the Republic.

Pineda said the project is supported by the Honduran president, Juan Orlando Hernández, whose government promotes the reconstruction of some of the main roads of that country and the opening of new ones to contribute to agricultural production and the growth of domestic tourism, among other sectors.

The Government of Honduras has also invested some US$210 million in the reconstruction of the so-called southern highway that connects Tegucigalpa with the city of Choluteca, and El Amatillo, on the border with El Salvador, a project currently underway.

Source (in Spanish): Prensa Libre



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