QCOSTARICA – Lucky  you if you’ve never drank so much coffee that you fear for your life. For the rest of us, AsapScience let us know exactly how much coffee at once we’d have to drink in order to kill ourselves.

If you stayed up for a test and drank six cups of brew, don’t worry. You’d need to drink 70 cups to take a dirt nap.

You can also overdose on chocolate. If you got super high and downed 80 chocolate bars, there’s a good chance you would’t live to see tomorrow.

Speaking of pot heads, when people tell scold you and say weed can kill you, tell them that they’re right, but only if you smoked 1,500 pounds of it.

Basically, don’t funnel pounds of food down your throat all at once.

Me? I am up to four cups a day, usually about three in the morning and one in the late afternoon. How much coffee do you drink every day?

Some say I can’t drink coffee or it will keep me up. Me? I have literally fell asleep with a coffee cup in my hand in front of the tv.  How does coffee affect you? Use the comments section to tell us your story.

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