Britt Break by Café Britt
Britt Break by Café Britt

(qCOSTARICA) Three well known coffee names are betting their future in Costa Rica on a consumer that is knowledgeable, dedicated and willing to pay for a specific coffee experience. The companies are so confident of the market that all three brands will be increasing their market presence this year and plans for more in 2016.

Ronald Peters, executive director fo the Coffee Institute of Costa Rica (Instituto del Café de Costa – iCafé) sees this as a positive for the country and the consumer, because these companies offer a high quality coffee.

Juan Valdez located in la Sabana.Rohrmoser
Juan Valdez located in la Sabana.Rohrmoser

But each company has its style of business.

Both Starbucks and Juan Valdez offer street coffeehouses, catering to the passers by or taking the time to go out for a break, while the concept of Costa Rica’s very own Britt Break is to locate within large companies.

Each offer consumers their own brand of style of coffee recipes and origin.

Juan Valdez, the recently opened Colombian franchise, offers 100% Colombian coffee, while Britt offers Costa Rican coffee exclusively and Starbucks, a selection of coffees  from around the world in addition to Costa Rican.

Starbucks in Costa Rica
Starbucks in Costa Rica

Each also has their specialty drinks.

Juan Valdez for example has the “nevatos”, “malteadas” (smoothies), “granizados” (iced) and “affogato” (espresso with ice scream).

Britt Break offers an original recipe called “Embrujo Guavaa” (guava, espresso, ice cream and raspberry syrup) and Arenal Café (Britt espresso, vanilla ice cream, chocolate and caramel).

Starbucks offers hot drinks in various sizes:  Tall (12 oz), Grande (16 oz) and Venti, a full 20 oz; a variety of flavours and drinks that requires a complex jargon, like “a caramel macchiato, venti, vanilla, decaf).

Besides the coffee, the three also battle it out in the sweets and other foods department. The scale ranges from a few dozen to over a hundred options.

To achieve a deep understanding and value of what each brand offers requires an interest by the consumer, wtih repeated visits and a sense of culinary.

But, besides these three popular competitors, consumers are now finding more options as the coffeehouses sprout up in Costa Rica.

In the market currently are multi location shops like Giacomin, Chantilly, Opa!, Kafehaus, Cafe Arte and many more with single locations like Freds in Plaza Mayor.

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