MARQETING 101 – Have you ever confused a Hoover with a vacuum cleaner? That’s because Hoover has created a strong brand identity that has become synonymous with the household gadget. Many people are therefore often surprised to learn it is a brand and not the general term for the device.

A brand is a company’s bread and butter. Without a strong brand, you may fail to compete in an industry. It is, therefore, essential to develop an authentic brand that represents a business. We are therefore providing helpful advice on how to create a brand identity.

What is a Brand Identity?

A brand identity is what makes you distinct in the marketplace, such as your logo, name, tagline and design. It is based on everything from company values and products to a business’s purpose and strengths. Every move a company makes reflects a brand, from a reply on social media to the emotions a business conveys to the consumer. It would, therefore, be easy to conclude that a brand identity is dependent on customer perception.

Focus on the Physical

If you think of Coca-Cola, the chances are you see the bold red can, cursive font or the iconic glass bottle. The design is probably the first thought that pops into your head and not the sweet taste of the soda. That’s why it is so important to focus on the physical aspect of your business, so you must carefully choose the right logo, packaging, colour scheme and text.

Create a Community

To create a strong brand, you need to provide the consumer with more than just a fantastic product. It is important to build a sense of culture and community. You must, therefore, try to build a connection between your consumers, so they will want to share their love of your products with like-minded people. You only need to look at Coca-Cola’s culture to realize how successful it can be, as the soda has been aiming to bring people together to socialize and share since the brand first started more than 100 years ago – proving the marketing method still works. is also an example of a strong brand identity, as they are currently working with musicians and artists to develop vape boxes that personify the flavours of their e-liquids. They are also bringing people from across the vape community together to celebrate their love of music, fashion and art through live events. So, they are creating a community that makes the modern-day consumer want to engage with their premium brand.

Develop a Tone of Voice

The culture you create will be determined by your brand’s tone of voice. You must therefore not only consider the product design but your company’s personality. So, is your brand cool and casual, happy and friendly or short but sweet? The voice you use will determine every advertisement you make and whether a consumer decides to engage with your brand.

Identify the Target Consumer

If you want to identify the brand, you must first identify your typical consumer. For example, are they adventurous, social and hard working? If so, this is your brand identity, so you should talk to the person you envision buying your product or service.

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