Tuesday, Sept. 5, a newborn girl baby was found in garbage discarded in La Florida de Tibas. Later in the week a 16-year-old mother was tracked down by police and charged with child abandonment. But the baby was not completely abandoned — child welfare social workers of PANI said they received 200 offers to take the child in.

176137_lucianaDespite this outburst of charity, child welfare officials say that PANI is not putting up the baby for adoption. PANI’s procedures are such that the child will go to a family member who shows a willingness and ability to care for the baby. But the family member has to offer.

After PANI officials explained the procedure, the number of persons offering to care for the child diminished. “They said, if you don’t have any place to send her, I can offer. It was an act of kindness on their part,” explained PANI lawyer Rodolfo Meneses.

Since Thursday of last week, the child has been in stable condition at National Children’s Hospital but doctors say they want to keep her under observation for a few days more.

Police say they have found the mother and prosecutors charged her with abandoning the child but a judge released her.

Meneses explained that the baby is under care of a special organization created for this purpose for six months, but this period could be shorter if a family member is deemed responsible enough to care for her.

Article by iNews.co.cr

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