Nikol Vega, the young woman victim, from her Youtube video
Nikol Vega, the young woman victim, from her Youtube video

(QCostarica) The Organismo de Investigación Judicial (OIJ) – Judicial Authorities – confirmed Monday afternoon that the two men on a motorcycle who died after being hit by a vehicle did in fact tried to assault a young woman.

Michael Soto, head of OIJ office of plans and operations, said the driver of the vehicle who hit the motorcycle fled the scene and was identified in San Joaquin de Flores, several kilometres away, but was not detained. Soto said the vehicle as impounded and the driver let go.

The two men on the motorcycle were minor, 17 years of age, and a 24 year-old identified by his last name Luna Maltez; neither had a criminal record. The two were not armed.

On the social media, the young girl victim said she does not condone the violence that ended in the life of her assailants and that in the attack neither were violent with her.

According to Nikol Vega, 17, the two men asked her not to scream and hand over her cellular telephone, but never threatened her with a weapon or violence.

Vega, on Monday, posted on Youtube a video to make a call for a stop to the violence on the streets. She says she is concerned about the reactions of hundreds of people who have even come to celebrate the death of the two young men who tried to assault her.

According to the young girl, after the attempted robbery she had grabbed a rock and continued walking and when she ran into police, ambulances and saw the two men lying on the ground, she realized that it had been the same two had assaulted her.

In the video, she explains how impacting it was to see the face of one of the men, still barely alive.

“I got close one of them because I wanted to see his face to see if I recognized him, but it was full of blood. There I dropped the stone and began to cry,” said the girl.

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