Using your mobile internet “excessively” could see your connection speed cut, says the state telecom, the Instituto Costarricense de Electricidad  (ICE), in a message to its users on Tuesday.

According to ICE, it is asking some 2% of its customers “to use rationally the service and thus not affect the quality for other users”.

Elberth Duran, spokesman for the Institute, said that ICE has established a monthly average usage of 6 GB and the notice applies to the 2% of its customers who use the mobile internet service in excess of the average.

“This (the notice) is for the 2% of prepaid customers who pay for download. We are monitoring these clients. Some are making excessive use of their mobile internet. Currently we are only issuing a warning”, said Duran in a message to users.

Duran explained that one of the measures it may apply is reducing the internet of “irrational” users to 128 Kbps. At the end of the month, they will the go back up to the contracted connection again.

Duran said that ICE can rely on its services contract to apply the measure to irrational customers, including cutting off a customer if it affects the health of their network and quality of service.

At the Superintendencia de Telecomunicaciones (SUTEL), the government watchdog on telecommunications, Eduardo Castellón said that each operator can define their monthly average and penalize customers for excessive usage.

Castellón explained that the ICE message is an “invitation to moderate consumption”.

According to the SUTEL, 85% of the mobile internet users consume an average of 3GB monthly

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