From TICO BULL – Uber customers can have an ice cream delivered to them on Friday. In 400 cities around the world, Friday is #UberIceCream party.

In San Jose (Costa Rica), from 11:00am to 3:00pm, Uber drivers will be deliver to their customers, at the office or home, the “Churchileta”, a 100% Costa Rica treat.


On their website, the company says for this year it teamed with the leader in “paletas” (ice cream bar), Los Paleteros, for four of their delicious Churchiletas.

But is it free? Well, not exactly. The delivery and the ice cream is ¢6,000 colones and billed to the account of customers who request it by simply opening the application and just like ordering the car service, click on ‘ice cream” and they can have the Churchiletas delivered to wherever they may be.

The company reminds that the service ‘Ice Cream’ is only for the delivery of the ice cream treats and not for a ride.

Now, if you have never had a Churchileta and are not a Uber customer (and don’t want to be), not a problem.

According to Los Paleteros website you can get a Churchileta at: Papata, Calle de la Amargura, Diagonal a Caccio’s in San José; Soda Paco Alfaro, 15 metros sur de la Cruz Roja in Heredia; the
Grocery Store, Ultra Park 1 y 2, Heredia;  Sweet Brew, 200 metros norte del Centro Cultural, Barrio Dent; and FIK Lindora, Parque Comercial Lindora Santa Ana.

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This article is not promote Uber nor the Churchileta of Los Paleteros. But, if you want to invite us for one, the ice cream, we will not say no.
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