A strange text message popped up Sunday morning on Kolbi subscription cellular phones: “Kölbi will be compensating you with a credit on your next bill for system failures of your mobile service on 29-8-12”.

The amount of the credit is not clear and varies. ICE spokesperson, Elberth Duran, explained that each case is different, because some services were affected more than others.

The Superintendencia de Telecomunicaciones (Sutel) – telecommuniocations regulator – had ordered the state telecom ICE to compansate users for the loss of service that in some cases was as much as nine hours.

Duran said that ICE is complying with the order, and that it has decided to compensate customers individually, depending on their down time.

The credit applies to all customers of Kölbi cell phones service , Kölbi Hogar internet and VPN business. The credit will show up on the the next billing date.

For customers of Kölbi “prepaid” services, Duran said the credit will be in the form of an increase in the balance. For customers have cancelled their Kölbi service since, they will have to contact ICE to arrange for a credit.

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