tarificaQCOSTARICA (Press Release) -Tarifica, a leading telecommunications pricing research firm, has announced the latest Tarifica Score™ measure of consumer value for postpaid (subscription) mobile plans in Costa Rica.

Tarifica applies its “Top Value Plan” designation to the highest scoring plan in each of ten market segments which consist of two types of plans: SIM – only and ‘with phone.’

Tarifica Score values range from 0 to 100.

ICE captured nine of ten top value plan positions in both categories (SIM – only and ‘with phones’) due to its effective promotions, competitive prices and unlimited 3G data plans.

Melissa Mascarenhas, Tarifica analyst for Latin America, noted, “There are two ICE promotions that helped it achieve the top value position in so many segments. The first promotion charges customers once every 90 days for purchasing 4G LTE instead of every 30 days, thus reducing the cost by two thirds. The second promotion offers customers 3 GB of 4G LTE for 4 months free when they purchase a 4G compatible device with a Conectado, Profesional, or iPhone plan.

”All of Movistar’s plans in the SIM – only category score below 50 points. While the operator has competitive prices, its moderate speeds and limited data allowances put all of its SIM – only plans on the lower end of the Tarifica Score spectrum. However, Movistar landed the top value position in the ₡ 35,001 to ₡45,000 segment with its Plan 4G @ 5 in the ‘with phone’ category.

While Claro offers flexible plans that allow customers to ‘build their own plans’ the Tarifica Score reveals that the unit price of these plans is consistently higher than the Top Value plans from other operators.

As a result Claro does not have any top value plans in the SIM – only category and only three of its plans score above 50 points. The overall top plans for all operators in the SIM – only category are on the very low end of the price spectrum and have fairly low data speeds.

Melissa Mascarenhas explained, “High speed data generally increases a plan’s value but the high price of 4G in Costa Rica offsets the added value of its high speed.”

“In today’s mobile marketplace, consumers are flooded with hundreds of plan variations and constantly
shifting promotions and deals — the majority of which come with different costs and services, and access networks of differing strengths. Operators can use Tarifica Scores to help consumers cut through the clutter and identify those plans in every market segment that offer the best value for the money,” stated Tarifica Program Manager, Will Watts.

Click here to download  the Tarifica scores for Costa Rica pdf

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