Telia Carrier, a subsidiary of Telia Company, has reached an agreement to provide its global fiber backbone to Costa Rica’s state-owned telecom, the Instituto Costarricense de Electricidad ( ICE).

Gaining access to the tier-1 internet backbone, which connects to the Maya-1 cable system, will enable ICE to launch its first 100G IP transit service and meet growing demand for broadband services.

Telia Carrier will also provide Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) protection, allowing ICE to offer the highest standards of protection to its end customers and their business-critical applications.

“ICE has climbed to the next level in the market by connecting its Internet backbone to Telia Carrier’s 100G services.. This capability marks an important step in meeting the growth of market demand and ensuring the development of telecommunications in Costa Rica,” said Edison De Leon, regional director of Latin America and the Caribbean for Telia Carrier. “By providing DDoS protection integrated with our IPT services, we also provide ICE´s end customers with an inherently high level of protection against malicious attacks,” he added.

The move represents an opportunity for Telia Carrier to move into developing markets in Central America

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