iconoLand COMING SOON!
iconoLand COMING SOON!

(CONFIDENTIAL) Knowing what’s going on in entertainment events and activities around the corner, across town or worldwide will soon be a click away with iconoLand, a website that allows the world to discover entertainment in a completely new way.

Still in the beta stage, the website says, “there is no need to type the city name, or the entertainment category, simply tap the territory or country on the main page, zoom to the city, select an entertainment category, then refine your results by selecting the genre you are looking for. Discovering entertainment options in your own city or the one your travelling to has never been so easy or so fast. With iconoLand, the world will be able to explore, like never before!”

IconoLand is a louišP Ltd. production company based in Hong Kong. “We are a group of people from about 20 countries have been developing the project,” said Gabriela Quesada, local representative of louišP told El Financiero.

Quesada explained that with this site visitors can schedule their travel plans to see events being held in the city they are visiting. They may also easily and quickly find activities and establishments within their genres.

Locally, Costa Ricans will be able to find events around them or in neighbouring provinces. The entertainment options go beyond just going to the movies or out to eat, you can find weekends happenings for children and the entire family.

IconoLand is the first four sites landing on your computer, tablet or smartphone. The other three, still in development, are iconoLive, iconoWorld and iconoLife.

IconoWorld is for every genre of music, movies, books and art categorized by country and genre; iconoLive will be streaming video like never before; and, iconoLife is to socially connect with people who share the same entertainment taste.

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