TICO BULL by Rico – While global attention is on the elections in the United States, a very important election is going on next door today: Nicaraguans are voting, rather, not voting, for Daniel Ortega.

But the results will be the same as is the past several elections, Daniel Ortega will be re-elected

Rosario Murilo will be elected vice presdient today, legitimizing her power in Nicaragua
Rosario Murilo will be elected vice presdient today, legitimizing her power in Nicaragua

president, with one major difference, the real throne of power, his wife and official spokesperson for his government, will now also be elected.

Rosario Murillo is on the ticket as vice president.

Back to my “not voting” comment. Many inside and outside Nicaragua already know who will win this election and already know that, no matter how they vote or don’ vote, Ortega will stay power and Murillo, as already sharing power with Ortega will increase her base to take over from her husband, replacing him before or at the next elections.

For the past decade Murillo has assumed on many occasions the functions of head-of-state. She is the official spokesperson for the government. On Ortega’s recent trips to Costa Rica, Murillo has been by her husband’s side at all times. I vividly recall the images of the day Barack Obama came to town, here is Murillo handing on to her husband’s side as they walk the tarmac to go see the Prez.

Things will definitely continue like that and it’s possible they will even increase after the election.

Despite being a democratic vote, the results, no matter how many or few or all or none vote, the results will be the same.

Here’s my outcome scenarios for today’s vote and the result.

  1. If only two Nicaraguans were to show up to vote, who would win? Ortega.
  2. If no Nicaraguans showed up to vote, who would win? Ortega.
  3. If every Nicaraguan showed up to vote, and they all voted for the opposition, who would win? Ortega.
  4. But, what If only one Nicaraguan showed up to vote, who would win? Rosario.

You see, if the only to Nicaraguan to surely vote would be Ortega, I doubt it very much he would vote for himself.

Although Ortega is the name in Nicaragua, without a question she is the power behind the name. This is a very smart woman, for a smart woman will make her man (and the people) believe he is in charge.

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Article first appeared on TICO BULL, reposted with permission.