90397_800x600_crop_54af23a67aac5TODAY PANAMA (PrensaLatina) Hundreds of foreigners wait in lines from this morning in the Migration Registry of Panama in search of a residence permit in this country, from where 752 were deported to their nations of origin in 2014.

The petitioners filled the wide saloon of the building located in the west of the capital have reasons to emigrate, some of them prefer to comment with their seat neighbor, perhaps to reaffirm their decision, as could state Prensa Latina.

Although last year the visitors diminished substantially, the number of petitioners grew to reside in Panama and the accepted ones only in 2014 constituted almost the fifth part of the quinquennium 2009-2013, informed the National Service of Migration of Panama.

Neighboring Colombia is the biggest source of immigrants to this country, followed in order by Venezuela, the United States and Spain; these nationalities are less than half of the foreigners established temporarily or permanently in the country.

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