COSTA RICA NEWS – If you check the most recent Deaths of U.S. Citizens Abroad statistics compiled by the US Department of State from January 2013 to the end of December 2013 you will see that during 2013, a grand total of 25 U.S. citizens diedin Costa Rica of “non-natural causes” and only three (3) were murdered.

In total, in 2013 there were 25 deaths of Americans: 3 deaths in “vehicle accidents”, 11 deaths from “drowning”, 1 death from “drug related” causes, 2 “suicides”, 3 “homicides” and 5 deaths from “other accidents”

Based on the statistics, Americans in Costa Rica would had in 2013 a 250% higher probability of drowning than being murdered.

You can read: ‘Violent Crime and Deaths of U.S. Citizens in Costa Rica – 0.000821917808 American citizens slaughtered daily in Costa Rica in 2013 at:

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