The calling card

The lawyer of Gabriel Morales Fallón, Bernan Salazar, admitted thathis client did use another name when introduced to former Communications Minister Francisaco Chacón, and said that it is a common practice in Costa Rica.

The statement was made in an interview with Colombia’s news radio LA F.M.

Salazar said Gabriel Morales has no connection with the facilitation of the plane and he was in that meeting because he was invited by Francisco Chacón.

The lawyer was due to give a press conference on Friday morning, but canceled it and did not answer calls to his cell phone.

In the interview, the lawyer confirms that Morales lives in Costa Rica but has no business, it’s just his home base. Bernan says he doesn’t understand why his client is mixed up in this mess, he did not lend the government the plane and that he has no ties to drug trafficking.

During the length of the interview Bernan says his client met with Chacón because he was invited, “it is one of courtesy and respect to go when invited by the government”.

Listen for yourself to the radio interview (in Spanish):



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