Sector-tecnologico-bachilleres-universitarios-tecnicos(QCOSTARICA) The communication and technology sector predicts that for the next two years it will hire more technical staff and university graduates than licensed professionals with master’s degrees or doctorates.

The need for staff with technical rather than academic skills continues to grow in the field of technology and communications.

A study by the Chamber of Information Technology and Communication concludes that only 2% of companies in the technology sector in the country plan to hire professionals with a PhD, while only 32% said they expected to hire graduates.

It is not only technical or professional training which is crucial when recruiting staff in technology. Bilingualism is also a factor along with the need for soft skills. ‘This is a sector that has approached the US market, of course I know English will be important (…). However, knowledge of a third or fourth language also generates value added.’ reports that “… Sectoral mapping also revealed that the companies plan to hire technicians and diploma holders in software development (22%), web development (15%) and other areas such as metrology, data base management, marketing, precision mechanics and maintenance. ”


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