Despite all the kinds of deals for consumers this Black Friday, the overall winner has to be the iPhone. Though not for the price, but for being an iPhone.

All three operators Kölbi, Movistar and Claro began selling the iPhone 5C and iPhone 5S Thursday, the first time in Costa Rica.

At Kölbi plans start at ¢18.500 monthly that includes 300 minutes of call time, 500 text messages, 100 multimedia and internet at 2 Mbps. The iPhone 5C is priced at ¢217.000 colones on a one year contract and ¢106.000 for two years, while the 5S is ¢276.000 on a 12 month plan and ¢165.000 for 24 month.

Over at Movistar, monthly plans start at ¢10.000 colones that includes 100 minutes of talk time with any operator, 100 minutes within the Movistar network, 1.000 text messages to any operator and internet up to 2 Mbps.

The phone prices are: ¢219.900 for the 5C and ¢279.900 for the 5S.

Claro is not making prices public, it wants customers to visit any of the 74 points of sale througout the country to ask a sales rep for the deals.

Claro spokespersons would only say that there are “plans to fit”.

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