iPhone-5S-hands-on-home-angleGreat news for users of the iPhone in Costa Rica, the  Instituto Costarricense de Electricidad (ICE) under its Kölbi brand is now offering 4G LTE internet service, weeks ahead of the announced start.

ICE rolled out 4G LTE, with connection speeds up to 10 Mbps, a couple of weeks ago. But not not for Apple users, saying it had not recevied the required software update from the California company.

To use the Kölbi 4G LTE iPhone users must update to the iOS 7.1 (free from the Apple store) and the iPhone 5c and 5S. Once the update is made, users will receive a message to download the bundle for the 4G LTE.

Subscription (monthly) customers can take advantage of the promotion up to March 19, by sending the text message 4GLTE6 to the number 6060 for one month of free service. After the first month, users can continue using the 4G LTE for an additional cost of ¢5.000 for 6 Mbps and ¢13.500 for 10 Mbps (promotional pricing). The cost is above all other charges for connection and telephony.

More information can be obtain at the ICE portal www.grupoice.com.

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