A suitcase with food for children confirms the intention of the couple to kidnap the two-year-old boy last Thursday, in Santa Ana.

The scene following the chase and the father (in the red vehicle) of the kidnapped boy intentionally colliding witht he suspect’s vehicle (grey) in Calle Chispa, in Pozos de Santa Ana.

Friday afternoon, Wálter Espinoza Espinoza, director of the Organismo de Investigación Judicial (OIJ) confirmed the intent of the couple was to kidnap the child and hold him for ransom.

Espinoza added that it was a premeditated plan.

“This was not a group that randomly kidnaps minors, on the street. It is a group that defined and chose their objective according to their perspective that could be of economic interest,” he said.

The suspects are a 22-year-old Nicaraguan woman surnamed Oporta and a 38-year-old Frenchman surnamed Mirc. The couple was ordered to three months of preventive detention while the OIJ continues to investigate and the Ministerio Publico makes its case for court.

According to immigration records, Oporta entered Costa Rica in 2008 and has resident status in the country. She is originally from the department of Boaco, in Nicaragua.

For his part, Mirc has been entering and leaving the country since 2005. This year he has an entry into Costa Rica recorded on April 8 at the Peñas Blancas land border post, then left on June 20 for the United States and returned to Costa Rica on July 10 from Spain.

Neither have any criminal record.

The OIJ raid on the couple’s apartment in La Uruca revealed the couple lived together and were in the real estate business. The car they used on Thursday was a rental.

Director Espinoza explained that they have yet to determine how the suspected were able to find vital information on the family given that, so far, there is no link between them.

How it went down

According to the information provided by authorities, it was at 8:45 am on Thursday, on Calle Chispa, in Pozos de Santa Ana, when the father left the family condo to take his son to school (kinder), some 800 meters (8 blocks) away.

Infograph by La Nacion

In contrast to the initial report, that the entire family was in the car, the father was alone in the front with his boy in the back, in a car seat.

The suspects had set up a fake police checkpoint with the intent of detaining the vehicle and snatching the child, using a vehicle and clothing similar that used by OIJ agents. Though, as Espinoza confirmed, their clothing had no indication of official police business.

“The kidnappers had the car parked with a  (orange) cone, they wore black shirts without any description of Police. Apparently, the man (suspect) approaches the driver, asks for documents and takes the opportunity to pepper spray while, while the woman snatches the child from the back seat, “said Espinoza.

The suspects sped off, but the father gave chase, catching up some two kilometers. On the same road, he decided to collide with the suspect’s vehicle, forcing the loss of control.

The crash allowed the father to recover his son and with the help of people who came out to see the accident, who had no idea initially of what was really happening – just another spectacular crash in the neighborhood – and quick response of the Fuerza Publica (national police), were able to detain the suspects.

The couple face from 10 to 15 years in prison for anyone “who removes from the power of their parents, guardians, curators, guardians or persons in charge of a minor person under twelve years of age or a person who suffers from a disability that precludes their defense.”

Source (in Spanish): La Nacion

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