(AFTERBIZLIFE) And how will look like cell phones in the near future? New form factors do not appear for a long time, but if the world is seeking a more comfortable gadgets, even mobile phones in the coming years can expect a rebirth.

Predicts a small revolution in its futuristic concept iPhone Italian artist Federico Ciccarese.

It turns out that wearing the iPhone in your pocket or purse is not too wise and no convenient. We must make sure that any sharp objects will not scratch the way the phone. Therefore, Federico proposes to carry iPhone in hand, the phone is made on the original design, it’s a cross between a bracelet and a glove.

In order to secure the phone in the palm of your hand, you need to stretch between the fingers of metal (aluminum, I suppose) holders, the screen will fit comfortably on the back side. Specifications futuristic iPhone author did not mention, judging by the illustrations, screen size is three inches, with a matrix of class Retina its resolution of approximately 480 × 800 pixels. And, of course, there is a powerful processor Apple A5X, as posted on the front camera for video on the Facetime. The renderings look amazing, and we love the sci-fi look of the thing, but the creepiness and probable discomfort created by the legs make it a non-starter.

What do you think of Federico Ciccarese’s concept iPhone ?

iphonebracelet3550x412_thumb iphone006brand_thumb iphonebracelet1550x412_thumb




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