In a few days Costa Rica goes into “holiday” mode as Semana Santa rounds the corner. And while most businesses close only a few days during the holiday week, the Central Government (Ministries) will be off the entire week.

Most autonomous and semi-autonomous (like ICE, INS, etc) will be on vacation at the same time as the Central Government, however, it will be up each agency to set holidays for their employees.

The Central Government announced that civil servants will be off Monday (25), Tuesday (26) and Wednesday (27).  Thursday (28) and Friday (29) are legal holidays.

So, in effect public employees will be off at the end of the work day Friday (22) and return to work Monday morning (April 1).

As to Thursday (28) and Friday (29) of Semana Santa, the Ministro de Trabajo reminds all employers that employees required to work on those days are entitle to double pay.

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